Level: 4

Attack Bonus: +3

Proficient with slings, quarterstaffs, scimitars, spears, wooden shields, and non-metal armor.

Animal Empathy: Use this skill to keep a guard dog from barking at you or to get a wild bird to land on your outstretched hand.

Step One:

Animate Brush: Per day. You animate 1d4 + Wis. shrubs which can attack for you.

Fog: Per day (Per encounter if the weather is humid). You create an enveloping swath of fog which can confuse archers or cover a retreat.

Gust of Wind: Per encounter. A gust of wind tears across the battlefield in the direction you designate, disrupting archers and flying creatures and possibly kicking up a cloud of dust.

Tangle: Per day. You cause explosive plant growth on a ten foot square of ground. Everyone in the square must make a reflex save or be held in place until they break free with a strength check or an Escape Artist check.

Step Two:

Shapeshift: At will. You turn into one type of small animal.

Speak with Animals: With a bit of time and effort you can train an animal to communicate with you. Works best with more intelligent animals.


Wilderness Survival:


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