Bounty Hunting

Chasing down the many criminals who flee to the Zenobian countryside falls to the city’s professional bounty hunters.

Solo bounty hunters are rare and short-lived. Most live and work with a group of around thirty hunters. Bounty hunters call these groups “guilds,” but others call them gangs.

Bounty hunter guilds are informally organized. Generally, a team of four or five will go after each target, and the bounty is split between the guild and the hunters who made the capture. Every guild has several members who stay behind at the base and gather information on the targets; they debrief returning hunters, question nomads at the market place, and keep up to date with the latest bounties put out by the sheriff.

All of Zenobia’s bounty hunter guilds have their headquarters in one of the old ships docked at the harbor. The guilds are known by the name of the ship they use as a headquarters.

The guilds include the Arrow guild and the S.S. Wackenhut.

Bounty Hunting

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