Level: 4

Str: 11 (+0) Dex: 14 (+2) Con: 8 (-1) Int: 17 (+3) Wis: 13 (+1) Cha: 10 (+0)

Attack Bonus: +2

Quarterstaff: +2/1d6

Dagger: +2/1d4 (May be thrown. +4/1d4)

Padded cloth armor: AC 12/17 HP: 10

Reflex save: +2 Fortitude save: +1 Will save: +5

Combat Spells

Animate Object: Per day. You make an inanimate object come to life and do your bidding. It may move and attack any turn on which you concentrate on controlling it. (21 hp. AC 10. Slam: +5/1d6+3)

Create Illusion: Per encounter. You create an illusory figure about the size of a person, although it can take any appearance you choose. You control the movement of your illusion. Casting another spell breaks your concentration and dispells the illusion.

Grease: Per day. You cover a ten foot square with a greasy coating that makes standing difficult. Everyone in the area must make a Reflex save (DC 15) or fall down.

Hold Door: At will. You hold a door open or shut by magic, as if with a heavy lock. Lasts until disenchanted or when you cast another Hold Door spell.

Shadow Snare: At will. You use an arrow, javelin, blowdart, etc., to pin an enemy’s shadow, restricting their movement until the dart is pulled out or a light is shined on the shadow to make it disappear.

Pyrotechnics: You either stoke a fire so that it gives off blinding light (Reflex save 15 or be blinded) or you extinguish it, creating a cloud of choking smoke (Fortitude save 15 or lose 1d4 turns).

Web: Per encounter. Fills a 10 foot cube with spider webs that prevent movement. The web must be anchored on two opposing sides (floor and ceiling or two opposing walls.)

Adventuring spells:

Light: At will. A held object shines like a torch. If your concentration is broken, for example if you cast another spell, the light goes out.

Mage Hand: You can lift and move 5 lb. objects within 30 feet.

Perform: Mime.



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