Str: 14 (+2) Dex: 17 (+3) Cons: 11 (0) Int: `13 (+`1) Wis: 8 (-1) Cha: 10 (+0)

Attack Bonus: +3

Proficient with simple weapons, short swords, rapiers, nets, and light armor.

Short sword: +6/1d6+2

Crossbow: +6/1d8 (takes one turn to reload)

Net: +6

Defense: 13(20 with hard leather)

Hard Leather: 30 hp. Armor Penalty 2.

Sneak Attack: You deal an extra two damage to enemies who are not prepared for your attacks. This bonus applies to enemies who have not yet had a turn in battle and enemies who attacked someone other than you on their last turn. (This is in addition to the +2 attack roll bonus that a character without this skill would get against such enemies. This bonus applies with a range weapon only if you are within 20 feet of the target.)

Weapon Finesse: With small weapons and rapiers, you may add your dexterity bonus to your attack and parry rolls rather than your strength bonus. Using a shield throws off your balance and negates this feat.

Improved Iniative: +4 to initiative rolls.

Improved Sneak Attack: You are able to take advantage of an enemy busy defending itself from other attacks. For every attack against that enemy since your last turn, you get a +1 bonus to your attack and damage rolls. (This bonus applies to a ranged attack only if you are within 20 feet of the target.) Prerequisites: Sneak Attack.

Disable Device: +10. You know how to disarm traps. (Rogue-only skill.)

Forgery: +8. You can make fake currency, official seals, etc. (Rogue-only skill.)

Pick Lock: +10. (+8 with hard leather armor) What does it sound like? (Rogue-only skill.)

Sleight of Hand: +10 (+8 with hard leather armor) You are adept at palming objects and picking pockets. (Rogue-only skill.)

Sneak: +10 (+8 with hard leather armor) You are skilled at moving undetected, especially in urban and dungeon settings.

Search: +8. You are skilled at finding hidden doors, traps, and concealed weapons or items.

Awareness: +6. You are skilled at spotting and hearing things that are difficult to discern, like sneaky enemies. You would make a good watchman.

Craft: Brewery

Knowledge: Chemistry



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