Elven Ranger


Str:15 (mod +2) Dex:17 + 2(race)=19 (mod +4) Con:13 (mod +1) Int:11 (mod +0) Wis: 12 (mod +1) Char:12 (mod +1)

Initiative: +4 (dex mod)

Attack Bonus: +4(class) +2(Str. mod) Ranged: +4 (dex mod) attack Melee: +2 (str. mod) attack and damage

Rapier: +8/1d6+2

Longbow: +8/1d8

Chain Mail. Movement 25. AC: 14/23. 50 hp. Armor Penalty 4.

Base Defense: +2 (dex mod)


Saving throws: reflex: +6 (dex) fortitude: +3 (con) will: +3 (wis)


2x low light vision only need 2 hrs sleep Immune to Sleep spell +2 awareness and search checks +2 saving throws vs. mind affecting powers

Proficiency with all simple and martial weapons, shields, and light and medium armor.

Combat skills:

Point Blank Shot: You get a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls with ranged weapons at ranges up to 20 feet.

Precise Shot: You can shoot or throw ranged weapons at an opponent engaged in melee without suffering the standard -4 penalty. Prerequisites: Point Blank Shot.

Shot on the Run: You may make a ranged attack, then move. (Normally, characters may not move after attacking.)

Weapon Finesse: With small weapons and rapiers, you may add your dexterity bonus to your attack and parry rolls rather than your strength bonus. Using a shield throws off your balance and negates this feat.

Adventuring skills:

Awareness: +10. You are skilled at spotting and hearing things that are difficult to discern, like sneaky enemies. You would make a good watchman. (+2 race)

Ride: +11. You are skilled at riding horses.

Search: +4

Track: +8. You are skilled at following tracks.

Wilderness Survival: +8. You know how to construct shelter, find water, and find enough food for yourself and one other person in the wilderness.

Basic skills:

Perform: Dance


The daughter of a moderately successful merchant with a large family, Phedre was left mostly to her own devices as a child. She loved to venture to the woods just outside the large town where her family lived with her older brothers. Idolizing them, she learned to track and fight with them growing up. She is now out to seek her own way.


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