Thaddeus Preggerson

An outlaw wanted for practicing necromancy.


Appearance: Average height, average weight, average age.

Distinguishing characteristics: Bushy red eyebrows, a monkey tattoo on his face.

Wanted for: Practicing and researching forbidden magic.

Danger level: Extremely high. Known to command undead minions with a green ring.

Reward: 200 gold coins for his capture plus standard awards for illegal magical items and spell books containing illegal spells.

Guild Report: We have reports from nomads that a man with a monkey tattoo who calls himself “Hubgh” has settled down in an abandoned castle near the hamlet of Lardia with an old servant. The villagers are convinced that it’s dangerous to go out at night. “Hubgh” and his servant sometimes come into Lardia to drink and play cards at the tavern.

Thaddeus Preggerson

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