The Bounty Hunters

Saving Adolpho

The strange red rock

The Arrow guild received a letter from one of its members saying that a group of them had been injured and captured while pursuing a bounty. The party headed out to help them.

They found Adolpho laid up with injuries in a tavern. He and his party had captured their target, but then rumors of a powerful red rock had lured them into nearby monastery ruins, where they had been attacked by a gang of orcs and ogres. Adolpho was the only one who managed to escape.

The party ventured into the ruins, found a mole, fought the orcs and ogres, and rescued two members of the Arrow Guild. A third member, Dylan, was missing. He had escaped from his captors and run further into the maze.

Speaking with the mole, Unicorn found out that it was Dylan; he had touched the red rock. Dylan was able to lead them to the rock’s secret location. Rolf used his mage hand ability to safely lift the rock and put it in a sack that Al had taken from Waran.



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