The Bounty Hunters

Hubgh Preggerson

Disguised as a traveling theater group, the party headed out to capture a necromancer with a monkey tattoo on his neck who lived in a castle near the hamlet of Lardia. On the way they stopped to help a man named Max and his giant, Ugoloth, who had eaten some poisonous goatwood berries. Max was from Lardia and gave the party some advice about putting on a show.

Even Rolf’s star turn as a mime failed to draw Hubgh out of his castle, so the party just snuck in at night. After fighting the castle’s guards, the party trapped Hubgh in his tower and tried to force him out with a fire. When he wouldn’t come out, they went up and got him.

In the fight, Hubgh threw a dagger just like the one the party had found on Waran. After some tickle torture, Hubgh revealed that the dagger is a sign of membership in a secret wizard society which will be meeting in an abandoned monastery on the winter solstice.



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